Container Logistics Management

Looking to reduce your current container freight costs? Wishing for a more agile and responsive transport system? Whatever your aim is, Schwartz Transport Management will work in collaboration with you to ensure that your business goals are met. We are absolutely committed to reducing the burden associated with transport operations within your organisation, leaving you to focus on more important activities. Our knowledge of road and rail transport systems coupled with our vast carrier network ensures we are consistently able to deliver real cost savings and service improvements for customers involved in the import and export of containerised freight. We are experienced in all in our facets of;

  • Road and rail transport system design
  • Carrier selection and pricing
  • Transport system analysis
  • Supply chain strategic planning.
  • Customs Clearance & Audit (partnered with e-Customs)

Safety Risk Management

The safety of our customers and operators is of the highest priority to us here at Schwartz.  We have worked hard at establishing a safety-driven culture within our business, and strive to ensure that this attitude is reflected in all our work. We understand that some our customers may not have the resources or knowledge to take on safety the way we do, but we are here to help.  We are experts at managing workplace safety and can assist your business in the critical areas of;

  • Hazard identification and risk assessment.
  • Safe working process design and implementation.
  • Safety working system audit and design.
  • Incident and accident investigation.

Strategic Planning and Corporate Development

Is your organisation correctly aligned to meet both your current needs and that of your future company vision? Do you require additional sites or warehouses to supplement or improve your supply chain? How do you face future industry demands? At Schwartz, we would like to extend our expertise and work with you on some of these critical questions for your business.

  • Strategy definition, purpose, vision and organisational alignment
  • Developing growth strategies, including mergers and acquisitions target identification
  • Managing and undertaking due diligence processes
  • Management of post-merger/acquisition integration

Commercial Analysis and Performance Assessment

Looking for more in-depth analysis that can assist in better decision-making at crucial stages of your company’s development? Schwartz can both advise and assist clients with the implementation of major projects and financial initiatives, including:

  • Funding and commercial opportunities reviews
  • Feasibility and Business Case development
  • Investment option decision modeling
  • Business Valuations

Schwartz can also assess the current operational and financial performance of your business. We can outline initiatives to improve your work processes to improve both operational and financial performance and work with you to implement these. Transport and supply chain specific services in:

  • Financial metric analysis, benchmarking and dashboard reporting
  • Cost reviews and budget/forecast development
  • Financial and decision based modeling
  • Process improvement